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Back to School

School is scheduled to start on August 10th. Below is a list of policy/procedure changes and information for the 2020-2021 school year.


Parker Uniform shirts will not be allowed this year. Shirts must be purchased from Land’s End and have the new SIA logo. Parker skirts and pants are allowed.

A new, lenient hair rule has been addressed in the handbook.


Students entering 7th grade must have their Tdap shot. Appointments can be made at the Health Department or your family doctor’s office.

Immunizations must be current prior to the 1st day of school.

New students must provide a copy of their Social Security card, Birth Certificate, and Immunization record.

All students need to provide a copy of their driver’s license and proof of insurance. If you only have a learner’s permit, you are not allowed to park on school property and must park across the street.


After school care will be provided. Contact Cathy Brown at 662-907-0281 for information.


If Jr. High or High School students have not arrived at school by 8:30, the office will call a parent to determine that nothing has happened to your child on the way to school. If you have a scheduled absence or your child is sick, please call or email the office. Notes or doctor’s excuses will be required upon return to school.



Masks are allowed by not mandatory.

Classes will be sanitized periodically throughout the day.

Hand sanitizing stations have been added to every classroom. Children will be washing and sanitizing their hands frequently.


Drop off at Elementary will have 2 stations. No one will be allowed to exit the vehicle until the duty teacher approaches the car to take each child’s temperature. The teachers will be wearing masks and gloves.

Jr. High and High School students will have their temperature checked before entering the school.

If any child is running a temperature, they will be sent home and COVID-19 testing is recommended.

Only the front entrance is to be used by visitors. No one will be allowed inside the school (beyond the foyer) during the school day. Parents will not be allowed to accompany their child to the classroom.

Parents checking out/in students can come in and ring the bell or call from outside and your student will meet you in the foyer.


All food in the cafeteria will be served from covered takeout trays. Students will be spaced further apart.


Pep rallies will be limited to home games and will be held on the football field, weather permitting. Parents must bring their own seating and practice social distancing.

We will make every effort to contact you regarding any changes moving forward. Distance learning measures have been put in place in the event students are not allowed to return to the classroom during the 2020-2021 school year.

We would appreciate any donations of Lysol, bleach, wipes, antibacterial soap, or hand sanitizer.

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