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2021-2022 Dress Code Changes

Changes and reiterations of the SIA dress codes for boys and girls. Dress code will appear in the handbook.


Lands End does not make a boot-cut pant leg for boys, and the legs seem to get narrower; therefore, it is hard for them to keep their pant legs down over the boots if they wear boots. Thus, in addition to Lands End pants, boys will now be allowed to buy pants from other merchandisers as long as they are in the khaki color scheme of the Lands End Uniforms. Uniform shirts will not change from Lands End.

  • Pants not allowed: Cargo pants, Carhartt, or any other type of work pants. No loops or dazzle.

  • Pants must be in the same khaki color scheme as Lands End uniform pants. Take an old pair along when buying pants.

  • Pants and shirts must not be stained

  • No logo on the pants

  • Shirttails must be tucked in at all times

  • Belts should be black, brown, or khaki with no dazzle on them

  • A clean shave is required each day, including the chin and lip area

  • NO caps are allowed entering or exiting the building. They should be left in the vehicle or removed before entering the building, not after.

  • No flip flops or house shoes and no boots worn with shorts

  • Boots, sneakers, and slippers allowed



Girls are allowed to wear several different styles of Lands End skirts selected by the Dress Code Committee. Parker uniforms shirts should not be worn.

  • Choose a length that is long enough for leg length. Lands End has several skirt lenghts to choose from. Leggings will be necessary if the shirt is deemed too short. Leggings are to be plain in color with no pattern or logo down the side—black, white, or grey.

  • No pullover jackets, sweaters, or sweatshirts if longer than the skirt allowed. At least three inches of the skirt must show. Girls will be asked to remove the pullovers or sweatshirts if longer than skirt, and a school jacket will be issued for the day.

  • The jacket or sweater must be open if longer than the skirt.

  • No flip flops or house shoes

  • No knee socks

  • Only UGG or similar style boots can be worn in the winter

  • No cowboy boots worn with skirt

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