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Inspiring Messages for FCA Members

Sharkey Issaquena Academy senior, Mary Grayson Martin, and local farmer, Robert Clay, treated members of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) to inspiring messages over the past few weeks.

Mary Grayson Martin spoke about what the word "adored" means. She explained that it means to love and to respect something or someone, and God adores us and loves us, even if we make mistakes. He sent his son to die for us because he wants us to be more like him. "You need God through everything that you do. He will always be there for you," she stated. "Surround yourself by people that make you a better person."

Guest speaker, Robert Clay of Rolling Fork, brought a message of how you, as a Christian, can apply Christian action. He referenced James 2:14, asserting that when someone claims to have faith, you should see a change in that person. When you are a Christian, you should be showing action by spreading the word. “If you know a friend that hasn't been saved, start inviting them to FCA and never give up.”

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