SIA 2019-2020 Head of School and Honor Roll Lists

Congratulations on Your Accomplishments!

Sharkey Issaquena Academy supports academic achievement and is pleased to recognize and reward students whose accomplishments deserve special attention.

We would like to recognize the following students for their academic achievement in the first semester.

Students are eligible for the Head of School List if he/she has earned a grade of 92% (A) and above in all classes.

To be eligible for Honor Roll, students must earn an 85% (B) or above in all classes.

Head of School List (High Honor Roll)

1st Grade

Liam Fitzhugh

2nd Grade

Reed Carson

Lawson Dew

Emmet Rankin

John Thomas Smith

Owen Stigall

Layton Willard

3rd Grade

Dylan Brown

Noah Duggan

Camdon Warbington

4th Grade

Rodgers Ewing

Way McCoy

Parker Perry

Tyler Tilghman

5th Grade

Elliot Janes

Guadalupe Quintanilla

Rex Rutherford

Hannah Tilghman

6th Grade

Orry Duggan

Carson LeBeau

Peyton Pickle

Maggie Williamson

7th Grade

Aiden Allen

Mason Jacks

Beryl Prabhakar

8th Grade

Adelece Clark

Tommy Duggan

Lucy Perkins

Nolan Pickle

Taylor Schmidt

Katelyn Shoemaker

Aaron Woods

9th Grade

Katie Dean

Keleigh Jo Stigall

Andi Blair Thomas

10th Grade

Taylor Dean

Presley Perry

Liam Pickle

Nate Williamson

11th Grade

Juliana Scott

12th Grade

Taylor Ewing

John Bryce Fulton

Lane Gee

Ainsley Keever

Mary Grayson Martin

Sarah Grace Perkins

Molly Stevens

Josie Tydlacka

Honor Roll

1st Grade

Molly Ruth Dew

Hayden Miller

Henry Mitchell

2nd Grade

Caitlin Hodnett

3rd Grade

Millie Ray

4th Grade

Mikayla Bodie

5th Grade

Ben Boykin

Sally Rutherford